Black Flag Actual

Islam is a Revolutionary Anti-Religion – These Essays Aim to Expose Established Doctrines and Explore the Quran's Alternative


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This is a space where I hope to disseminate intel I’ve collected on Islam’s actual purpose. While groups like ISIS have hijacked the Black Flag, a symbol associated with Islam historically, I’ve used the title “Black Flag Actual” to connect this revolutionary symbol back to its authentic source, rooted in an Islam based on the Quran. For more detail on what is indented by this project, I’ve written the following introductory posts:

  1. Islam is an Anti-Religion (general introduction)
  2. Some Basic Research Tools & Methodology and the accompanying Research Resources page, with links to tools available online.

The sole focus of the content here is on the reconstruction of the Quranic State. The essays and posts are divided into the following categories: Critiques of prevailing doctrines Solutions based on the Quran.

NOTE: I have no sectarian affiliations and reject all sects. I am not a “Quranist/Sunni/Shia/Wahhabi” etc. If you see ads on this blog, they are forced by WordPress for free accounts, I don’t make money from them. For contact information, please click here.


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